PS-TC milling and tapping electrospindles (if equipped with encoder) with automatic air tool change starting from Ø 60 to 120 mm. Max power of 18 Kw and torque 10 Nm in S1. PS-TCV milling and tapping electrospindles with automatic hydraulic tool change starting from Ø 130 to 350 mm. They are all equipped with encoder for vector control. Max power of 120 Kw and torque 1250 Nm in S1.
PS-TCV-T are identical to the TCV models but have in addition a mechanical shaft locking system, controlled by sensors, to perform turning operations: practically with only one electrospindle it is possible to mill and turn.
PS-ES electrospindles of the rectangular section to be applied to fork or tilting heads to perform milling or grinding operations if applied, for example, on robots. All have automatic tool change and are equipped with encoder for vector control. Max power is 83 Kw and torque 1200 Nm in S1.
PS-A electrospindle accessories for traditional or CNC machine tools. They are fixed to the machine with an ISO or HSK cone (or with a suitable flange). Simple and robust, they can be cooled independently or with a liquid circuit and the tools are fixed with collet or, in some cases, with automatic tool change. Max power 12 Kw and torque 14 Nm in S1.
PS-JG planetary grinding heads with manual or automatic radial movement for drilling holes from Ø 2 to 800 mm. Max speed 80.000 Rpm with power 5 Kw and torque 11 Nm in S1.
PS-M milling and drilling electrospindles with manual tool change starting from Ø 35 to 120 mm. Max power of 12 Kw and the torque of 6 Nm in S1.
PS-RG and ESG internal or external grinding spindles can be constructed in a cylindrical or rectangular shape depending on the application. They are supplied with special wheel-holder or collet (RG series) or with automatic tool change and automatic wheel balancing device. Max speed 120.000 Rpm and power of 40 Kw with 32 Nm torque in S1.
PS-TA turning spindles with ASA attachment and bar passage. All are equipped with encoders for vector control and can be supplied with the attachment ASA 5” to 11” with the maximum speed of 8.000 Rpm and the power of 85 Kw and 860 Nm torque in S1.
2-AXIS FORK HEADS are built with the head and body in one piece to have the maximum rigidity and can adopt our electrospindles with rectangular section to perform milling and milling-turning operations on high-strength steels, titanium, etc. Max power of these electrospindles is 80 kW and 640 Nm torque in S1.
TILTING HEAD TT-PS-ES-200. This head is the ideal solution for all milling machine manufacturers who intend to build the 4° axis with a ± 120 ° continuous inclination. It can be equipped with three different types of electrospindles to perform milling-only operations or turning and milling with a single electrospindle.

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