Company Profile

PERON SPEED INTERNATIONAL srl is born by an initiative of Mr Virginio Peron who has many years of experience in the high speed sector for grinding, milling and drilling operations.

Among employees there are his son Peron Massimiliano and other technicians who worked with Mr Virginio Peron for several years in the past in the project sector, grinding sector of electrospindles’ components, assembling and service of electrospindles and accessories important for their correct functioning.

In 1981 Mister Peron Virginio was the first one to project and to make portable electrospindles with the attachment by arbors ISO that can be inserted as precision accessories in CNC, traditional grinding and milling machine tool and thus became a leader all over the world for this kind of products. 

The first models have been supplied to the Parpas company for working operations of moulds in the area of Sassuolo ( MO ) ITALY.

Nowadays electrospindles with the arbor attachment ( PS-A series ) are all projected and made with new technical solutions to guarantee higher quality than for the older models. 

Of course there has been an evolution of all the models, and PERON SPEED INTERNATIONAL srl  is able to supply high performance electrospindles employed on vertical-horizontal and 5-axis machining centers, milling machines, lathes, grinding machines, special machines, transfers. They are built in cylindrical or rectangular shape to be combined with fork and tilting heads, robots and can have asynchronous or synchronous motors based on the application requested by the customer.

We assure you that we are able to repair any kind of spindle and electrospindle produced in any part of the world as well. 

We can say that the high degree of precision that we have now, technical capabilities and big experience in this sector can assure that the products of PERON SPEED INTERNATIONAL srl  can be your future partners for next years.

Sede operativa:
Via Goretta,19 - 13046 Livorno Ferraris (VC)
P.IVA: 02554250023 - Codice Fiscale: 02554250023
Tel. +39 0161 433827 - Fax +39 0161 431425