Electrospindles for grinding operations with traditional grindstones or in CBN for applications on traditional machine tools or CNC. Of small sizes, they have HF motor with high performances and especially, hybrid ceramic bearings lubricated exclusively with a minimal air-oil system which guarantee a long life time. The structure and the material used for the shafts guarantee a very good constructive rigidity with very low balancing values ( 0.2-0.5 mm/sec ), in order to have a very high finishing degree and a very good material removal. The grindstones are fixed, according to the models, with SCHAUBLIN collets D type or with grindstone extensions realised according to the request of the customer. On some models are moreover provided grindstone attachment HSK-C in order to obtain a major rigidity and a quick grindstone substitution.

Cod Diameter mm Power S1 (100%) Kw Tourque S1 (100%) Nm Max speed-grase Rpm Max speed-air oil Rpm Tool Interface Cooling Download
From 80 to 170 mm From 2 to 32 Kw From 0.15 to 25 Nm - From 12.000 to 120.000 Rpm VARIOUS LIQUID

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